FENICE PEAK 7,5'' Dog Grooming Set (Blue)

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FENICE PEAK 7,5'' Dog Grooming Set (Blue)

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  • High-end Design: made of high-end Japanese 440C stainless steel. Exquisite screw and silencer design, these detailed designs show the high-end quality of scissors
  • Sharp Blade: After a special ice calcination process, it is durable and has high sharpness. The blade is very sharp and smooth, and the best cutting angle is 45 degrees
  • Ergonomic Design: very comfortable to hold, they can reduce your labor intensity, curved/curved thumbholes/loops help reduce hand, arm, elbow, shoulder, neck and back problems
  • Anti-slip: The soft black rubber coated handle prevents slipping, so it is very safe for pets, and comfortable trimming scissors are suitable for professional and family dog/cat/pet grooming

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FENICE PEAK 7,5 Dog Grooming Set (Blue)

FENICE PEAK 7,5'' Dog Grooming Set (Blue)