Karaköy Makina does not have a privacy policy for its regular visitors.

Karaköy Makina.com does not have a general privacy policy or terms of use. However, there is a "Membership Agreement" for users who become members of the site. For this reason, although the practices regarding users who are members of Karaköy Makina are explained in this agreement, there is no information about those who benefit from Karaköy Makina services without being a member (and therefore without accepting this agreement).

Karaköy Makina collects your IP address and information about the pages you visit on the site.

Karaköy Makina may use members' personal information in studies aimed at users' special preferences and interests "in order to provide a better service to its users." In this context, some information such as the name and IP address of the Internet service provider used to access the site, the date and time the site was accessed, the pages accessed while on the site, and the address of the website that provides direct connection to the site may be collected by Karaköy Makina.

Karaköy Makina Privacy Policy does not provide information about the use of third party cookies.

Although Karaköy Makina does not provide information about the use of third-party cookies, we observed that Google and Yandex are active on the website in our experiment with Disconnect.me.

Karaköy Makina uses your personal and shopping information for advertising purposes and shares it with other affiliated companies.

In the membership agreement, as a rule, it is stated that "Karaköy Makina keeps the personal information and data obtained from the consumer confidentially and does not share it with third parties", but it goes on to make a very extensive list and states that you allow your personal data to be used and archived by Karaköy Makina in these cases. At the same time, members can use internet, telephone, SMS, etc. It is accepted that they allow to be contacted through communication channels.

Members who do not want their data to be shared and do not allow communication for advertising purposes can forward this request to customer services.

Members may make a statement contrary to the above contractual provision. If you want to stop receiving e-mails and/or SMS, you can do this from the member page on the site, but in order to change your data sharing preferences, you must contact Karaköy Makina's customer services and submit the request in this way.

Karaköy Makina may share your data with third parties without the need for a court order.

Karaköy Makina states that it may share personal data in order to comply with legal requirements. In addition, Karaköy Makina may disclose your data when it believes in good faith that it is necessary to protect and defend the rights of its employees and managers.

Karaköy Makina users are responsible for all damages that may arise from the incorrect information they provide when becoming a member.

Users undertake the accuracy of the personal information they provide when becoming a member of the website and agree to compensate Karaköy Makina for all damages incurred due to the untruth of this information.

Karaköy Makina may unilaterally delete your user account and information.

Karaköy Makina reserves the right to unilaterally delete the member's membership and delete the customer's files, documents and information.

Karaköy Makina does not inform its users about contract changes.

Karaköy Makina states that it can change the terms of the membership agreement unilaterally at any time "without the need for prior notice and/or warning in any way or form". It is stated in the agreement that the amended provisions will be valid for all members on the date of publication.