Warranty, Cancellation, Return and Exchange
Consumer Rights - Withdrawal - Cancellation Conditions
Returns must be made with the original box/packaging and invoice. The use of the right of withdrawal for packaged products is subject to the condition that the packaging of the product is unopened, intact and the product has not been used. All standard accessories must be sent undamaged and in their original packaging. Promotional and campaign products given as gifts must also be sent with their original packages. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for the goods prepared in line with the special requests of the consumer or clearly personal needs and which are not suitable for return, the services performed instantly in the electronic environment or the intangible goods delivered to the consumer immediately, and the goods whose prices are determined in the stock exchange or other organized markets. The payment to be made for the returned products is the product price, and the shipping cost you paid while creating the order is not refundable. In the orders you place with a gift card, only the cash payment amount will be refunded, and your gift check will be activated for reuse if it is within the validity period of the check. If the product you are returning does not comply with the return conditions, the relevant product will be sent to your address by courier paid by the buyer.
Which Products Can I Return?
If you want, you can make your order payments by bank transfer or EFT. You can reach our bank information on the contact page. After completing the transfer, you can help us speed up the ordering process by informing us about the transfer information on the Transfer Notification Form page.
How Can I Perform Returns?
Please apply for returns by following the steps below before sending the product to karakoymakina.com. The promotional and campaign products of the product you will return, given as a gift, must also be returned at the same time. A return invoice must be issued for the return of orders whose invoices are issued on behalf of institutions. The return invoice should be issued without including the cargo share (in the form of product unit price + VAT).
For Return Process;
Enter "karakoymakina.com". Log in. Click "My Account" under the member login menu. Click "My Orders" under the "My Account" tab in the window that opens. click on the "return and cancellation procedures" button. Follow the steps for the product you will return from the new window that opens. Also, please notify the "info@karakoymakina.com" e-mail address about the return. After the product is received by karakoymakina.com, , packaging and invoice will be checked.
Defective Product Notification;
You can apply to us within 14 days when you experience malfunction problems with the product you purchased. After the defective product is received by karakoymakina.com, its packaging and accessories are checked and sent to the Technical Support Unit for tests and examinations. In line with the report given by the technical support unit; If the product is found to be defective as specified, the product is replaced with a new one in line with the customer's preference or the product price is returned to the customer. In this case, all shipping costs are covered by our company. If, as a result of the tests performed by the technical team, it is determined that the product is not problematic as specified, the customer is informed about the operation of the product and the product is sent back to the customer. In this case, no refund will be made and all shipping costs are borne by the customer. If the malfunction/defect caused by user error is detected as "user error" in the products covered by the warranty, no product exchange or refund is made. In such cases, all shipping costs are borne by the customer. Since the products in the status of spare parts are in the form of open circuit, they are very prone to error and therefore the products are guaranteed to work first.
Damaged Product Notice;
If the product you received is damaged, you should have the cargo officer prepare a "Damage Determination Report" and send the product back with the same cargo without receiving it. Before receiving your orders from the cargo officer, we kindly ask you to open and check them with the officer. Otherwise, your "damage notification" will not be accepted. When the cargo informs karakoymakina.com that the product is damaged, a new product will be sent to you. In addition, please notify our "info@karakoymakina.com" e-mail address as "Damaged Product" regarding the situation.
Missing Product/Accessory Notification;
Compare the products in the invoice with the products in the package. If the products written on the invoice in your hand are not included in the package, please notify our e-mail address "info@karakoymakina.com" as "There is a Missing Product in My Order". After the necessary examinations are made, the missing product will be sent to you quickly with free shipping.