A powerful motor makes this high class Heiniger clipper ideal for dagging small flock shearing. A Patented floating Fork System puts an even tension on the comb and cutter giving up to 50% longer life for combs and cutters. Powerful 240 volt / 320 watt motor precision made to ensure reduced vibration.


Ergonomically designed for comfort, and ease of use. Ideal for clipping dirty cattle, also cattle head is available to convert to a dedicated cattle clipper.

This powerful electric shearing handpiece has a patented floating fork system to provide an even pressure across the comb and cutter, using less pressure and extends the life of the comb and cutter by up to 50%.


  • Motor power: 320 Watts
  • Speed: 2400 dbs/min
  • Length: 350 mm
  • Weight: 1,53 kg
  • Noise emission: (LpAm) 80 dB (A)

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